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Army Army fighting equipment like modern tanks, various modern arms, ammo and explosive, various explosive disposal equipment, Command and control equipment, various Radio Communication set, VSAT, Specialized communication system, Bomb Blanket, Bomb Jammer, Robotic bomb disposal, Combat Uniform and spare parts.

Air Force Various Fighter aircrafts, Helicopters including spare parts, overhauling and maintenance. We supply Aviation armaments, explosives, Command and control equipment, various communication systems, VSAT, Specialized communication system, Anti-Gravity-Suit, Pilot overall suit etc.

Navy War ship and spare parts, Submarine and spare parts, Marine/Ship born Helicopter including maintenance facilities and spare parts. Naval boat and spare parts, various Naval armaments, Command and control equipment, various under water detection equipment, SONAR, Various Navigational Radar including Hello control facilities, Fire control Radar, De-compression Chamber, Offshore Crane, Workshop crane and many other supplies.

Border Guard Surveillance equipment, Command and control equipment, various armaments and ammo, explosive disposal equipment, various security equipment, various communication systems, VSAT, security camera, uniform and so on.

Coast Guard Knowledge and the experience are the two key factors to have the better buying power for all your Coast Guard supply purchases.

Police Police Gun, Gun accessories, Command and control equipment Bomb disposal equipment, Rubber/Plastic Bullet various tactical gear, Hand cuff, Thumb cuff, Leg cuff, Tactical Flashlight, Metal detector, other tactical gear, various Radio communication set, uniform pistol, security camera, motorcycle etc.

Fire Service Fire and Emergency Truck, Fire fighting helicopter, various fire fighting equipment and chemical, Water Tender/Truck, Rescue Truck, Ambulance, communication helmet etc.

Our professional team has been working with Bangladesh Military, Air force, Navy, Border guard, Police and Fire service. We give our hundred percent attention to every client irrespective of the project budget. Our team of experts can help you find the right products at the right price.

Border Guard
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Why us?

Our experienced team has been working with various defense organizations around the world for a long time. The expert team consists of ex-military officers, can go over all the perks you need to know before making the purchase decision. Please give us a call or email for a free consultancy. Our goal is to be your number one supplier for latest equipment and systems for the defense and security of your organization. We deliver on time and offer pre-shipment visit.

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